About Us


Hey friends and Doggizens!

Alejandra and Sara here 🙂 Dog moms to Roberta and Carlota -respectively. We wanted to take advantage of this space to tell you a bit about ourselves and give you a sneak peek of what we are up to, what we love, and what we learn as we navigate our newly discovered life purpose of being #DogMoms.

To briefly tell you our story -before we get into Doggizen-, we met back in 2007 on our first day of college in Miami and became best friends since then (luckily our girls too). We always dreamt of working together and until now we finally figured out that our passion project would slowly become our dream job. We believe in building a dog-friendly community and creating a place where we could all coexist. 

Doggizen started as a Miami city guide for dog parents, promoting local businesses and dog-related events. Now we decided to take our content one step further and develop a platform in pursuit of reaching more people like us who enjoy this type of lifestyle.

We aim to make your life -as dog parents- easier, fun, and show you new creative ways to enjoy everything with your furry loved ones. We seek to keep you informed of what’s happening around you, tips, and give you the inside scoop of brands that cater to our lifestyle. We hope this space makes you feel welcome and inspires you to be part of our “Doggizen” community <3.


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