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Pet Preparedness Month

Pet Preparedness Month

Pet Preparedness Month

June is “Pet Preparedness Month” and we want to make sure that all of our doggizens are prepared for anything that comes their way - specially here in South Florida with all the hurricanes.

Here is a list of items we see necessary for you to have in case of emergency or a natural disaster:

  1. Proper/Updated identification. Make sure that your dogs tag, chip and vaccine records are up to date. We suggest that you visit your vet to ensure that the chip is working and that they have all the necessary vaccinations and medications.
  2. Medical kit. Have a dog friendly medical kit at home. We suggest the following items to be included in the first-aid kit:
    1. Gauze.
    2. Cotton Balls.
    3. Non stick bandages.
    4. Hydrogen Peroxide.
    5. Antibiotic ointment/spray.
    6. Milk of magnesia.
    7. Thermometer.
    8. Scissors, tweezers, flashlight and magnifying glass.
    9. Syringes.
    10. Clean towel.
    11. Muzzle.
  3. Leash up. Always have your dog with you on a leash, especially during chaotic times. This way you ensure they do not run out on you or are lured by anything.
  4. Where to stay. Check what hotels, shelters and other evacuation centers are close to you that accept your pets. Note that not all shelters are pet friendly. Also, some dog hotels are hurricane proof facilities, make sure they have availability before you head out.
  5. Have a contact list. Very important to have at hand all the numbers needed, from a 24 emergency veterinarian, a poison control hotline, a lost dog hotline, and any other numbers you may need to help you during these times.
  6. Make a go-bag/kit. We suggest the following items to be included in your dog go-bag:
    1. Laminated updated picture of your dog.
    2. Laminated updated vet records.
    3. Pee pads. (We suggest if you are staying home to get real grass patches).
    4. Weeks worth of food.
    5. Weeks worth of water.
    6. Toy.
    7. Some sort of personal item (blanket, bed).
    8. Crate.
    9. Treats.
    10. Poop bags.
    11. Bowls.
    12. Extra leash, collar with updated tags.
    13. Medication.

Remember to NEVER leave your pet behind and always prepare in advance. During hectic times, it is best to be prepared.



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