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Doggizen Food Fest

Doggizen Food Fest

Doggizen Food Fest

Hey there, Ale over here *insert hand waving emoji*

If you ask me right now what are my two favorite things, I can quickly answer: food & dogs. No doubt about it. Now let me tell you why I bring this up…

Last December Sara and I sat down to plan all things Doggizen for 2022 - month to month. We found ourselves trying to come up with unique themes where we can bring different and better experiences for the Doggizen community. Then, all of a sudden when we reached April’s scheduling we had an “aha” moment (eyes rolling because of all my clichés when I write), both of us were like “imagine being able to pull off a Food & Wine festival but for dogs!”.

As of that moment, we treated that event as if it was going to change the game, and little did we know at that time that it sort of did.

We gathered a list of all the local food vendors possible that would make this event even better. After evaluating all the categories (treats, meals, toppers, diets) we ended up choosing: Barefoot Mama, Lulu & Bellalicious Barkery, Raw Instincts, Bowie's Bites, Yum Pup, Moon Dog Barkery, Puptables, and Raw and Kibble. We were at this point ready according to us, and then we realized… we didn’t have a venue.

Now it's January, we are finally full-time with Doggizen, and ready to kick off the year. We were at the Paws at the Patio event at Intercontinental Miami and we were approached by the amazing marketing team, and they said “we have a venue, when are you going to plan an event?” (not these exact words but almost). HEART. STOPS. We pitched them the event on the spot and it was a definite YES!

The idea itself was to provide a space where #Doggizens can taste a variety of diet options Miami has to offer. All ticketed guests received a “Food Pass” that they would check off in each booth, and the humans also had a place where they could either enjoy a bite at Wagyu Bull or a drink at the bar, all this while their dogs lived the ultimate experience.

The “Doggizen Food Fest” came to life in the most magical way. All the vendors came with an incredible vibe, the #Doggizens were having a blast, and the Intercontinental set the place up just like we planned - they even surprised us with a pool and off-leash section. It was absolutely perfect!

We still can’t get over it, and we know that the Doggizen Food Fest will for sure become a staple in the future.

Hopefully, we can see you in the next edition!




Huge thanks to @Grass4Paws for sponsoring the relief area, all the food vendors, and your amazing attitude, Marietta for the pics, and a VERY big shout out to Gina and Andrea. You guys made this all possible!

To see pictures of the event, click here! Pictures by @WorkForTreats! Make sure to check them out.

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